Aquarius Full Moon: Illumination & Kundalini Rising

Happy Monday and full moon!
Today is a full moon in Aquarius and a square with Uranus. Although an intuitive and yogi, I am not an astrologer, therefore I research the sky and tune into astrologers before giving you information on new and full moon days. As above so below, we are a micro version of the cosmos and are affected by the sky. Due to our connection to the earth, ethers, air, fire and water (elements), astrology is an aspect that ties into the tradition of yoga. It all lies within us.

*The science of Ayurveda and yoga are intertwined and astrology compliments both*
My usual resources for astrology hadn’t all posted yet so I explored other avenues which brought me to an important message. When we are tuning into information whether it’s the news, YouTube, Facebook, different authors or influencers or even a friend or family member…remember to discern and take only what resonates with you. Trust the voice within, it’s ok to think and feel differently even if we don’t know why.
It’s incredible that we have access to so many resources of information. Utilize the channels that best serve you, the ones that most consistently resonate and feel of a high vibrational source. Sometimes things don’t connect because they are not meant for us, sometimes we are not ready for it, and sometimes it’s simply what we don’t want to align with at this time. I invite you to step back, really tune into your truth and be mindful about what you listen to because it can influence your thoughts and what you attract.
 If you invite in fear and negativity then that is the energy that surrounds you. If you invite in trust and positivity then that surrounds you. It is possible to be aware of potential risks or dangers without living in fear of it. When you go through your day/week and different information is presented, ask yourself…“does this resonate, do I want to align with this energy, how does this feel?”
A full moon is an opportunity to bring things into clearer illumination, to see the truth. Aquarius has strong mental and independent influences and is tied to the air element. Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is here to help shake us up, to assist in letting go of what no longer serves. Whatever is weak, unstable or uncertain in our lives will be illuminated either to strengthen or release. That could be relationships, jobs, routines, ways of thinking, etc. Uranus also rules over kundalini energy, which is the serpent that resides at the base of our spine. It is a feminine energy that when awakened unlocks our creative potential, intuition, heightened consciousness and life purpose.
More info on kundalini here:
In today’s practice we focused on our spine and our breathwork, and at the end moved into seated forward folds to open the back of body. We tuned into a feminine softness, deepened the breath to quiet the mind, and engaged with the flow. With the extra mental energy we may be experiencing with both heady Aquarius as well as the full moon, the breath is our best ally. Aquarius…air….breath. The breath moves our prana and kundalini energy and aligns us to center and to our truth. It also shakes off the dead leaves that may still be clinging, like outdated information that no longer serves.
In honor of the Lion’s Gate on August 8th, which is an energetic portal that helps propel us forward on our journey, we included lion’s breath which heats up the body and helps our kundalini to rise. We can’t take what no longer serves with us through the portal, so Uranus is here to assist us in shaking up our lives and shaking off what we don’t need. The internal heat our breath creates also purifies us by burning away the impurities and pushing out old energy.
With that I suggest creating a sacred full moon ceremony. Burn incense or sage, diffuse citrus oils, Rosemary, lavender or fir scents, and clean your space. Clear out clutter, journal or even write down things you no longer wish to carry with you and burn the paper in a fire. Set new intentions, invite in fresh creativity and perspective.
More info on full moon:
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Today’s practice:
*Inspirations for August 3rd, 2020 practice*

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