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Happy Monday!
Today felt like a Monday, a little harder to get out of bed, body a little more tired, mind a little sluggish. In yoga, we honor whatever shows up. On days like this it’s especially hard to come to our mats. I often joke, the hardest part is showing up, the second hardest part is finishing, and the third is breathing and having fun on the journey. Like always, we walked away feeling better than when we showed up. Today’s practice certainly awakened us, it cleansed and reset us for the day.
Back when I was in high school, I ran track for 4 years. We trained hard, became stronger, and got into a focused place of consistency each season. Then out of nowhere our coach would take it easy on us for a day, not exactly a rest day but a day to reset. That was today, a recovery day. We created a little more space for softness and pauses while we challenged ourselves with a focused practice. Friday’s practice was strong and everyone showed up fierce, today we brought in some gentleness after all the beautiful inward work we have been doing. Way to go!
I emphasized drishti today, focusing our awareness on a gazing point to take us deeper into a moving meditation experience. By focusing our gaze we engage more deeply with the 5th and 6th limbs of yoga, pratyahara and dharana. This allows us to pull back from our senses, tune inward and focus more deeply. The focus was so strong today it gave me space to give ample instruction without distracting our mental body. We moved through some fresh sequencing and different postures putting emphasis on opening our hips and front of body while strengthening or core and practicing arm balances.
In the beginning of practice a quote came through:
“Everything will be alright in the end, so if it’s not alright, it’s not the end.”
As the state of our world continues to grow and transform as each of us do, it’s easy to feel the impatience growing as things may not be moving or changing as quickly as we may wish. What we often don’t see is all that actually has changed with in us, the fruit just may not be bearing yet. Think of the tip of the iceberg poking out of the ocean, that is all we may see but the bulk of the iceberg is hidden under water. Bring in some positive reinforcing credit and honor how much you have grown underneath. That growth will be exposed as your life transforms to match who you are becoming.
A word that came through today and for me personally over the weekend was, “acceptance.” Accepting where we are as a collective but more importantly who we are and where we are individually on our journey. What are your gifts? What are your  talents? What do you uniquely share with the world? Isn’t that enough? Isn’t it enough to simply be you, in all your glory and flaws? You are beautiful as you are.
As we move beyond material or 3D attachments into a higher frequency of being we start to value ourselves and others differently. We start to value the simple things, the most humble offerings. The more we move out of self-judgment the less we judge others. We find a deeper appreciation for simplicity and have more compassion for each other. We are all part of the same thread making up a greater whole, like beads on a mala. Honor each other, honor yourselves, enjoy the simple pleasures, and value your unique offering to the whole.
With that I leave you with today’s quotes, one of which is from the movie Jerry McGuire (it helps when you read it with an accent 😝).
Today’s quote:
“Hey, I don’t have all the answers. To be honest, in life I have failed as much as I have succeeded. But I love my wife, I love my life, and I wish you that kind of success.”
~  As Dicky Fox, Jerry’s mentor in ‘Jerry McGuire’
Today’s practice:
*Inspirations from July 27th, 2020 practice*

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