You be you: See through the illusion

Happy Friday!
What tenacity and enthusiasm we had in practice today! It’s beautiful to witness everyone building strength, self-trust, breath capacity and focus. We kept it moving to energize us focusing on opening the front of body: hips, heart, shoulders and throat. I certainly felt our heart, throat and third eye chakras more vibrantly functioning by the end of practice. The heart is love and compassion, the throat communication and truth, the third eye vision and acceptance. They all tie into each other, and when aligned bring more balance, peace and clarity to not just your body but to your life.
We continued our discussion about the current tug of war, push/pull, back and forth energy you may be experiencing right now. Certainly this month supports clarity and action but that doesn’t mean resistance won’t show up either within you or externally. You may be feeling charged and enthusiastic to move forward, “let’s go, let’s get moving, let’s start over and create a new story!” Certainly if you are a fire sign, like Aries or Leo for example, this could resonate. Some of you might be feeling the opposite, “calm down, don’t push me, give me a minute here, I’ll move when I am ready!” This might ring true to some of our earth or even air signs. Most of us are probably experiences both energies.
The pieces of us that have changed, fallen away, or have come into new form are ready to move forward and take action. The pieces of us that are still holding on, healing, growing or maybe just discerning are likely to pull back before moving forward. Somewhere between these two opposing forces is balance. Pausing before taking action is wise, it’s important to ground and have clarity vs. rushing forward. However, it’s also valid to light a little fire and facing fears that may be holding us back.  That’s why we are all a beautiful compliment and mirror for each other. Some of us motivate and inspire while others ground us down and create a clear pathway to manifestation. The more we move in unison as a collective the more our gifts will support and guide each other. This starts with aligning yourself and knowing, honoring and expressing who you are with love and confidence. Then you can more easily honor, accept and love others.
When we know ourselves, truly, it allows us to see others for their true selves too. It allows us to look beyond the illusion. Even when confronted with non-enhancing situations, people or judgements…being the observer means going beyond taking it personally. It also means not defining others by their negative words or actions. Go beyond the anger, the judgement, bitterness and resentment. Sometimes those things are a projection from our own mind and past experiences anyway. Go through the illusion, the masks, then you will see the light of others and yourself more vividly. You will see the bigger picture and how we are all connected, how we are each a piece of each other. This is unconditional love and true wisdom. The light doesn’t need to fight, it simply shines. Be the light that you are and don’t wait for others permission or validation and allow others the space to rise up and shine too at the pace that suits them. In the big picture, we all balance each other when we honor each other. As one of my teachers often said, “patience, grasshopper.”
Much love everybody! ❤️
Today’s quote:
“It’s one thing to see a situation clearly, but can you see through it?”
*Author unknown
Today’s practice: 
*Inspirations from August 14th, 2020 practice*


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