About Laura:

Laura’s goal is to establish trust, allowing for an intuitively guided experience that is to the highest benefit of your needs. She helps you to slow down, become fully present and to connect with source. From there, you surrender, and become your own best healer by receiving at a deeper level. Laura is a guide, her genuine presence and loving energy flow from her experience and passion for the healing arts. By connecting with a pure light energy source for each session, she assists you in remembering who you truly are by guiding you back to center.

Laura graduated from the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy in 2007 in Playa Samara, and began her professional journey in California. Her detailed study of yoga, lightbody energy work and Reiki became infused in her path as a massage therapist. At the end of 2012, Laura relocated to Samara, Costa Rica and established Mandala Massage and Yoga.

Laura’s dedication to yoga practice and self-healing sharpened her awareness and sensitivity to her own nature and to others. She facilitates from a deep place of love, compassion and truth. It’s an honor for her to be a part of your journey.

Intuitive Therapeutic Massage and Lightbody Work:

As a certified massage therapist since 2007 and a yoga teacher since 2010, Laura’s experience and expertise transfer through her hands and her voice. She is an intuitive facilitator, and her healing sessions are a combination of therapeutic massage guided by light energy work. Laura creates a bridge between the physical and subtle bodies.

Enjoy a powerful therapeutic massage session guided by intuition and experience, and enhanced by the flow of chi energy. Laura will tune into chakra imbalances and make connections to where pain refers to other parts of the body. She will help open up the flow of energy and create space for blockages to move. She will assist muscle tissue to soften by peeling back the layers from multiple perspectives to find the root source of discomfort. Laura can help to identify mental stress triggers and unlock buried emotion when appropriate. By addressing other elements beyond the physical, there is an opportunity for deeper healing. When we surrender, we allow blocked energy to rise up and release, dissolving tension and stress.

Sometimes Laura includes verbal channeling when it’s invited, nothing is forced. It depends on how actively the client wishes to participate. Overall, you will release muscle tension, deeply relax, calm the mind, open the heart, and come into a space of clarity and presence. This is a full body massage and a full energetic attunement in one, you will walk away renewed.

Laura specializes in combining deep tissue work, flowing Swedish strokes, CranioSacral, Trigger Point therapy, Shiatsu, Reiki & lightbody work.  She uses her intuition to adapt to the needs of each client, acting as a guide along the journey. The session can be deep or light pressure or somewhere in between, depending on your needs. Whether or not you feel energy, you will have an enhancing healing experience and may surprise yourself! You also have the choice of focusing exclusively on massage. You are in good hands either way.

What is Lightbody? 

The awareness, focused ability and responsibility to act as a channel for the light. As a lightbody worker, Laura connects with a pure light energy source to guide her during the massage sessions. By inviting in the light, she blends with the client’s energy field to assist them in their healing process. The channeled energy directs her and she directs it based on the highest good for all.

Laura studied and practiced lightbody work with her teacher Kent Ewing in Dana Point, CA for 3 years. She also is a certified Master Reiki practitioner. Regardless of training, Laura has been aware of her connection to a pure light source since a young age. It exists within each of us if we slow down to listen and connect. Honored to be a facilitator, Laura recognizes that each individual is his or her own best healer.

“Over the years the clients have been my most informative teachers. It is an honor to be invited in as a facilitator to an intimate and sometimes vulnerable healing space during each session. The more the client and I are able to establish a connection of trust, the deeper we are able to work together on an energetic level. I prefer to move beyond the physical elements to allow the light energy to channel through and do the deeper, more subtle work.” ~Laura


Honor yourself with a therapeutic massage session in a peaceful, air-conditioned office just blocks off the beach. Laura’s private office is located in the heart of Playa Samara, across from the Natural Center on Calle Central. Out call also available, time permitting. A weeks notice is advised for booking appointments in busier months, but you can always check in up to a day in advance for a session. Please call or text Laura at #506.8869.3507 or visit the contact page to book a session. Let’s take a journey!

Healing Session:

Intuitive Therapeutic Massage & Lightbody Work:

The Physical:

An intuitively connected full body massage combining deep tissue therapy, Swedish strokes, and may include stretching, CranioSacral, Trigger Point Therapy and Shiatsu techniques.

The Mental/Emotional:

Throughout the therapeutic massage experience, Laura goes beyond releasing physical tension by identifying and moving emotional blockages. She also helps soften mental stress, reducing anxiety and assisting the client with mental clarity.

The Energetic:

Laura is a lightbody worker and a Reiki Master. She channels light energy work during the massage. This is a full body hands-on experience addressing both the physical and energetic bodies. Chakra balancing and mental/emotional clearing. Reiki and verbal channeling when appropriate.

2 hours and 15 min: $150  (out call $165, 2 client minimum)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 4155A5B5-F07B-41C7-9C30-246ABC95F836-1024x791.jpgBy appointment only, please note that Laura books out 1 week ahead in busier months

Private Office with A/C, Samara, across from Natural Center

Out-Call available to private homes, Samara or Carrillo (travel costs may apply)

*Cash preferred for all services, dollars or colones. PayPal payment accepted (5% fee)