Vinyasa Flow:

Vinyasa is the marriage of breath and movement. It is a synchronized method of coiling and uncoiling the body to balance opposing tendencies, move prana, and create heat. Vinyasa allows us to clear the slate after each posture to allow entry to the next one. A vinyasa practice purifies the organs, balances the chakras, calms the emotions and quiets the mind. It teaches you to overcome fears and cultivate patience, knowing when to push forward and when to pull back. Although a vinyasa flow class can be geared towards beginners, in general it is a more rigorous practice. Laura invites all levels to come practice with mindfulness and humor.


Ashtanga Yoga:

Ashtanga is a system of yoga introduced to the modern world by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. This method of yoga involves synchronizing the breath with a progressive series of postures. This process produces intense internal heat and a purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs. Ashtanga, the 8-Limb practice, is a moving meditation. The postures flow together like beads on a string, or a “mala.” This strong athletic practice results in improved circulation, a light and strong body, and a calm mind.


About Laura:

Laura has been a dedicated yoga practitioner for over 18 years and a yoga teacher since 2010. After dabbling in various styles of yoga, Laura felt an instant connection to Ashtanga yoga. After dedicating herself to a regular Ashtanga practice for several years, she completed her first series Ashtanga yoga training with Tim Miller in 2010 and her second series Ashtanga yoga training with Tim Miller in 2012.

Laura completed Nancy Gilgoff’s 1st series clinic in 2012 and attended numerous workshops with David Swenson over her years as a practitioner and teacher. Since first meeting in 2006, Laura had the honor to practice, mentor, and then work with Diana Christinson of Pacific Ashtanga Yoga Shala in California. She considers Diana her biggest influence along her journey of yoga.

Over the last 8 years as a small business owner in Costa Rica and a spiritual warrior at heart, Laura has developed her own style of teaching. As a lightworker, bodyworker, teacher and guide, she leads an intuitive vinyasa practice rooted in the Ashtanga teachings. Laura’s continued education has come from personal practice and growth on and off the mat, studying her students and learning from experience, and by observing other teachers and colleagues. Books and research always play a role, but one’s life path and daily practice are what develop a teacher. 

“What allows me to teach with confidence are my years as a yoga practitioner. I will always be a student and teach from the passion I have from the life transforming journey yoga has gifted me. The students that show up to practice with me are equally my teacher and we share the flow of energy that shows up for us each day, honoring and uplifting each other.” ~ Laura


About Laura’s Classes:

Laura’s Ashtanga background impacts her dynamic and challenging Vinyasa Flow classes. She will lead you through fun, creative sequencing that emphasize breath paired movement and focused attention to create a strong moving meditation. Her experience as a massage therapist and lightworker will keep you well guided in verbal alignment cues and hands on adjustments. She likes to thread in philosophy and how it applies on and off your mat. Laura may share intuitive messages she receives during class, but her goal is to allow you to tune in to your own wisdom. She offers public and private vinyasa classes. Join her for a traditional Ashtanga practice to fine tune your practice and to deepen your wisdom of the 8-Limb tradition of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.


  • Vinyasa (Mixed/Power/Slow Flow): Suited for all levels that enjoy and are ready for a more rigorous practice. Laura will give you options on variations and tips on alignment to create a comfortable and safe experience. She will challenge you to explore your edge and encourage you to trust you internal wisdom, knowing when to push forward and when to pull back. The Mixed-Level Vinyasa varies in intensity depending on the students levels and the energy of the day. Power vinyasa heats things up with a quicker pace and less breaks, but with shorter sequencing. Slow-flow vinyasa slows the movement down to simplify and to deepen the breath.
  • Ashtanga Led Half Primary: A step up in intensity from Laura’s vinyasa classes, she will guide you through the traditional primary series up to Navasana. As the students build stamina and strength, new poses will be added leading to a full primary series practice. Ashtanga is a set sequence and consists of 6 progressive series. Laura will introduce the 1st series which begins with opening the back of body and cleansing the organs. Ashtanga focuses on breath, drishti, and bandhas. (*not currently offered)


Morning Vinyasa with Laura meets Monday-Friday at 8:30am, some supplies provided. Enjoy an outdoor, ocean front setting with a garden view. It’s just a short beach walk from the main street in beautiful Playa Samara, Costa Rica. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to my settle in. Private yoga sessions are also available.


Current Yoga Class Schedule: 


Mixed Level Vinyasa 8:30-10am with Laura


Power Vinyasa 8:30-9:45am with Laura


Mixed Level Vinyasa 8:30-10am with Laura


Slow-Flow Vinyasa 8:30-9:45am with Laura


Mixed Level Vinyasa 8:30-10am with Laura

*Please email Laura if you wish to pre-registered for class, go to the contact page to secure your spot. She recommends that you arrive 10 min early to settle in.*



Classes meet in the center of Samara at the Intercultura Language School. Located beach front, please enter the school grounds through one of the gates and head straight to the far end of the garden to a half moon shaped rancho. We have a garden setting with an ocean view. Enjoy the sounds of the waves while we practice. Pre-registration recommended.



Drop-In: $15 

5-series Package: $65
(1 month expiration)

10-series Package: $110
(2 month expiration)

*please pay Laura direct 


Private Yoga Sessions:

$85 private sessions

(for first 3 students, $10 per additional student, large groups negotiable)

*please note: additional costs may apply for travel 

Cash preferred for all services, dollars or colones. PayPal and Venmo payment available, additional charges may apply. 


Playa Samara, Costa Rica, 2019
Vinyasa Flow, Laura Waite, 2019


Luv Burger, Samara, 2019


Diana Christinson, California, Laura’s teacher

Tim Miller, California, Laura’s teacher


Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy, 2020

Mixed Level Vinyasa Flow, 2020

Current Location: Intercultura Language School, 2021

Intercultura: Ocean view, Vinyasa with Laura, 2021

Intercultura: Garden setting, Ashtanga with Laura, 2021

Mixed Level Vinyasa, 2021