4 Yoga Poses for Tight Shoulders

There are countless yoga postures and stretches that can assist tight shoulders. The link below features 4 classic yoga poses to get you started. For those of you that are more limited in your shoulder range of motion, use a prop like a strap or towel to help with arm binds. Blocks are also great assists for standing poses by creating an arm extender, bridging the gap between you and the floor.

Remember to breathe, your breath is your most powerful tool. The breath helps softens you into the posture natural vs. forcefully, builds internal heat and gets the prana (chi energy) moving through your blood stream. Its important to work with your body, not against it. Go to a place that feels comfortable and then breath into the stretch to see if you can move more deeply. Have patience with yourself and relax into the pose and then you can discover where to bring in more strength and where to surrender. Click the link below to learn more.

By Laura Waite


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