4 Yoga Poses for a Tighter Tush

Yep I said it, tighter tush! Back in the day I did some freelance writing for Active.com and this was one of the dynamic topics I was given to write about. Nonetheless, a firmer bottom is always nice if not the goal or even the most enhancing benefit that yoga provides mind, body, spirit. The benefit of firming your glutes with yoga is you get other benefits such as lengthening the low back and strengthening your abdominals which improves your posture. Click the link below for more information.

* Please note that the first photograph in the article is incorrect, it shows Virabhadrasana B instead of Virabhadrasana A. Virabhadrasana B is correctly displayed for the second posture. Below is a photo for Virabhadrasana A.

By Laura Waite


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