Freedom in Choice

Happy Friday!
Today’s class was so fun and focused and I could feel both the physical strength as well as the inner strength today in the room. Some students were sharing before class how they felt more tired, emotional or triggered this week. The word “disconnected“ was expressed. I too have been experiencing some highs and lows.
However, the inner work we are doing is growing upward beyond the foundation. Even on the days we feel most disconnected, lying beneath the surface are our roots holding us steady to the ground and our trunk, our core, keeping us centered. Sometimes we simply need to slow down to realize it, and that’s what yoga is here for…as a tool to slow down the mind and reconnect to center. It builds us up from the inside out and your consistency to practice strengthens that connection. Have faith and do the work, do your part.
I want to share a story my teacher shared this week. She expressed how she felt extremely sad after having to re-close the physical shala’s doors again due to Covid restrictions. She spent a day sitting with that sadness honoring it as a visitor. As yogis we learn to invite in each emotion knowing that lessons or healing are there for us and that the feeling is only temporary. The next day she woke up and she felt better. She looked over at her plant at the back of the house growing towards the sun peaking through the window. That morning she knew she had the power to make a choice, and she chose to reach back towards the light.
We are never far away from source, light, God, the universe or whatever term resonates. Even when you feel disconnected, the light is right there holding you. Today in pigeon I had the image of a stork carrying me in a wrapped blanket in its beak. I was held, we are all held. Trust.
Yoga is like brushing your teeth, its daily maintenance to the body, mind and spirit. The more consistently you show up to practice the stronger you make healthy pathways in your body and mind. Each time you roll out your mat you are clearing out negativity, you are moving healing prana through the body and energy centers, you are calming your nervous system and cleansing your organs. Over time, how do you feel this regular maintenance will effect your life? You have to start within.
Earlier this week we spoke about the spider spinning it’s web…unattached to outcomes, focused on the task, having fun on the journey, and allowing what it needs to flow (or in this case fly) towards it. Each day you take a step and each moment you have a choice on how to show up. Some days/moments are easier than others, sit with it, learn from it, heal. Over time the big picture is visible, and the web is spun…did you have fun on the journey?
Today’s quotes:

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*Inspirations from July 24th, 2020 practice*

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