Let go and we will see more of your light

Happy Monday!
Today’s practice was a blast, it was lighthearted and fun and included arm balances, lions breath, and headstand. We kept the pace moving today to build some cardio and internal heat to burn away impurities and cleanse our organs and nervous system. We had a nice balance of front and back openers as well as twists.
We talked a little bit more about Uranus today and how the energy of that planet will continue to stay with us as we slowly let go of old ways of thinking and being. Uranus is the awakener, the disrupter, maybe even erupter! Uranus will go into retrograde on August 15th, taking us back through old story and lessons to facilitate more understanding, healing and acceptance. This is accompanied by Taurus which means the growth and purging will be a bit like a tug of war. In these moments of back and forth consider how much you have grown and shed and keep shaking off what no longer serves. Trust that “everything will be alright in the end, if it’s not alright it’s not the end.”
As we let go we become lighter in spirit, we no longer carry the same baggage as before. Emotional healing comes with moving forward allowing us to be more present instead of bound by our past. You may feel more joyful and playful and less concerned about the future too as you trust yourself more and move away from fearing the unknown. Some might find it more challenging to clear out the clutter, more resistance could be rising up. Have patience for your process as well as to the timeline of others. Gently guide by beaming your light, and enjoy the light others shine towards you.
If you are the one bopping around and feeling vibrant and joyful, keep your vibration high and stay in your power. You may encounter some grinches on your path during this transformational time that might not be as enthusiastic about the journey. Be an example of hope, light, tranquility and compassion.
As we moved through an uplifting practice today full of fun, it reminded me of something one of my teachers would always say, “if you saw someone playing in a sandbox full of shit, would you go join them?” So if you find yourself being served up shit, know you have a choice…join in and align with that vibration or keep flying high. That is of course not to come from a superior place but rather an observer space. Send love and compassion and give others space to rise up in their own time and in their own way. While also being mindful that maybe you are the one serving the shit! If so, sit with it! Observe it, listen, heal.
Wherever you are, keep steady and surround yourself with people, environments and information that uplift and support you on your journey. If you don’t feel like seeing someone or going somewhere, that might be your intuition talking. On the other hand, if you are drawn towards something or someone new but don’t know why trust that too. Miracles and surprises show up each day, pay attention and listen to your inner guidance.
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*Inspirations from August 10th practice*
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Much love everybody! ❤️

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