Stand in your power, sway with the wind

Happy Monday!
Today we focused on our core! Building stability from our center we are being asked to honor who we are and our unique thread that weaves our greater fabric of humanity together. The third chakra, our power center, dictates standing in ones integrity with confidence and inner security. Even if we feel misunderstood or unsupported externally, when we trust and believe in ourselves we stand strong. Imagine a willow tree, blowing freely and calmly in the breeze…flexible and flowing but with a strong truck holding steady from the core.

Our core is not only represented by our abdominals but includes our diaphragm and bandhas (energy locks) as well. As we deeply breathe with ujjayi breath in each practice or when we utilize other styles of pranayama like kapalabhati which we practiced today, we strengthen our prana (life force) by building heat as well as expanding our breath capacity. By enhancing the function of our diaphragm, we create upper stability. Picture an athletic swimmer and how tall and strong he/she stands, a big part of the core and upper body strength comes from a consistent breath practice.
 If the diaphragm is the upper trunk of a willow tree, then the base is represented by our bandhas. With practicing core strengthening postures we build the abdominal muscles but on a deeper more subtle layer we engage uddiyana bandha (below navel) and mula bandha (pelvic floor) more specifically. These are energy locks or seals that create a container for prana to build (alchemy). The bandhas are the foundation of our core center and direct the flow of prana (chi). All three aspects combined: diaphragm, abdominals, and bandhas…fortify our power center, building detoxifying internal fire and healing pranic flow.
When we started our practice today, I asked, “where the heck are we now?!?” It’s as if we are reincarnating each week! Therefore, our mantra today was, “who am I now and what do I wish to co-create?” That starts with knowing ourselves. Yoga helps us to slow down the mind and tune inward to really hear our hearts and our souls speaking. As yourself, where are you out of balance? What no longer serves? What do you want to align with next? You have already shed so much, can you shed more? Do you feel any lighter than before, even just months ago? If not, what’s blocking you? Will you honor how far you have come?
Standing in your power means loving yourself, the shadow parts and the bright light. Be kind to yourself in this transformative process. Listen to your truth and start creating a new story from a place of clarity, stability and inner strength. You are different now, accept the change. It all starts within and moves outward into your lives and to others. Namaste!
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*Inspirations from August 17th, 2020 practice*

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