Tapping into authentic joy

Today’s mantra was FUN! When we are having fun we are fully engaged in the present moment. We allow our worries to slip away and we experience a childlike state of joy, peace and creativity. Today we rooted our fun to stabilize it.
We kept our practice moving today, it was playful from a grounded and mature space. There was a lot of focus but also compassion and warmth. Not rigid or too serious, but disciplined with a feminine warrior essence. There was a sense of foundation and stability in the practice today, combined with a lighthearted spirit. Our fun sprouted from wisdom and strength.
Sometimes we use fun to override or numb what we are truly feeling or experiencing in life. This isn’t necessarily bad, in fact sometimes it’s needed. Fun can be a  temporary distraction helping us to cope with challenging life circumstances. It helps to lighten the mood, and we all need to let our hair down sometimes. However, when “fun” is used as a distraction for long periods to escape our reality it will likely catch up with us. When we heal from within we have less to escape from and no longer look towards external distractions to cope.
Even an enhancing practice like yoga can be used incorrectly to override what we may be feeling instead of facing it. Yes, the practice of yoga helps us to quiet the mind and calm our emotions. It brings us to center and to a feeling of peace and clarity. All beautiful things. However, it’s not meant to be a tool to check out of reality or to pretend everything is “fine” in life. Yoga is meant to bring balance to your inner and outer worlds and to look at the light and darkness. It’s meant to help us better ourselves and our lives not to just accept what is. The tools we cultivate on the mat help us tune into ourselves and to our lives with clarity and discernment so that we grow. Witnessing both the beauty in each moment as well as overcoming challenges to become a more enhanced version of oneself.
When we look within, do the work, heal…fun stems from a grounded space of authentic joy. Our fun is then rooted in a stable foundation of consistent mental and emotional balance. Authentic joy allows fun to be experienced even in the most mundane tasks because we aren’t dependent upon external stimulus. It’s everlasting because each day you water those qualities when you roll out your mat and center. Nobody gives it to you and nobody can take it away.
Therefore, yoga exists as a tool to tune in, allowing us to hear our truth as well as discern from a place of wisdom what might be out of balance. That’s when our yoga practice transfers off our mat and is applied in life. When to speak up, when to observe. When to move forward, when to pull back. When to take action, when to pause. When to make a change, and when to hold steady. When to have fun, and when to get things done…or even better…having fun while getting things done. That’s mastery, having fun on the journey with our eyes wide open no matter what shows up.
The more we practice yoga, the more we shift deeply down to a cellular level transforming us. What we practice becomes who we are and our life changes to reflect that. Yoga also teaches us presence, the more we practice presence the more present we become without effort. Presence allows us to fully experience life moment to moment. When you are engaged with the moment you can experience more joy, more creativity, and freedom. Children experience this naturally no matter what they are doing, as we grow we check out. Yoga checks us back in, reminding us how to have fun on the journey.
Today’s quotes:
*Inspirations from practice July 17th, 2020*

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