The Benefits of Family Yoga

This article was written before I was a mother and had the honor of participating in family yoga with my son. I interviewed friends and fellow yoga teachers that were already parents to collect content for this piece. Today I had the honor to participate in a yoga class with my son who is almost 4. I was incredibly impressed by his participation and listening skills. We had so much fun breathing and being playful together. We equally enjoyed our time with the teacher and other participants in the class. It was such a beautiful opportunity to bond and there were countless moments were I connected with the light shining from his eyes and time simply froze. At the end he said,” let’s be a waterfall,” and then with his hands shaped like the curved head of a dolphin and his arms moving in unison in wave-like motions he said, “let’s be dolphins swimming in the ocean.” This was how he felt in his body and mind by the end of class, if that doesn’t represent yoga I don’t what does. It was a priceless moment. To read more about the benefits of family yoga, click the link below.

By Laura Waite

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