Yoga for Beginners: Ujjayi Breathing and 4 Poses to Get You Started

Intimidated about jumping into a public yoga class? Or are you not sure where to start or what to expect? Over the years, my favorite excuse to not practice yoga is, “I am not not flexible and cannot touch my toes, so I can’t do yoga.” That’s one reason why we practice, to become more flexible! The biggest challenge I see with new practitioners is pressuring themselves to do everything or to look a certain way. Everyone in the room has been a beginner at one point, and we all approach the practice with different bodies, mentalities and emotional stories. Your practice and experience will be unique to you. The only judgement typically comes from ones own self. Find a teacher with a positive reputation and start with a slower class to get grounded. Click the link below for more guidance and for an introduction to breath and some postures.

By Laura Waite

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