About Laura:

It is an honor to connect with you, thank you for Being. My name is Laura Waite, I am a mother of two, a small business owner, and a proud resident of Costa Rica. This is my home and I welcome you. I am grateful to be a part of your journey. 

My first goal as a facilitator is to establish trust, this enhances the intuitively guided experience that is tailored to meet the highest benefit of YOUR needs. I will help you to slow down, to become fully present, and to connect with source within. From there, you surrender and become your own best healer by opening up and receiving at a deeper level. This starts with the heart.” ~ Laura

Laura is an Intuitive, Bodyworker, and Lightworker. She is a channel and a guide. Her genuine presence and loving energy flow from her experience and passion for the healing arts. She is dedicated to the mission of uplifting our world by using her gifts to uplift others. By connecting with a 100% pure divine light source for each session, she assists you in remembering who you truly are by simply guiding you back to center.

Laura graduated from the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy in 2007 in Playa Samara, and began her professional journey in California. Her detailed study of yoga philosophy, the Lightbody, Reiki, and the chakras became infused in her facilitation as a massage therapist. As a Lightworker, her connection to a pure Light frequency, which she channels throughout her sessions level up the massage experience. In 2022, Laura stepped into a more mature role with her Lightwork by becoming a Metatron Color Therapist. This required deep inner work and willingness to grow and evolve. Her inner work is an anchor of compassion for your inner work. 

At the end of 2012, Laura moved to Samara, Costa Rica and established Mandala Yoga | Massage | Lightwork and has been serving the community ever since. Laura’s dedication to yoga practice and self-healing sharpened her awareness and sensitivity to her own nature and to others. She facilitates from a deep place of love, compassion and truth. It’s an honor for her to be a part of your journey.


Intuitive Therapeutic Massage and Lightbody Work:


As a Certified Massage Therapist since 2007 and Lightbody Worker since 2012, Laura’s experience and expertise transfer through her hands and her voice. She is an intuitive facilitator, and her healing sessions are a combination of therapeutic massage guided by light energy work. Laura creates a bridge between the physical and subtle bodies.

Enjoy a powerful therapeutic massage session guided by intuition and experience, and enhanced by the flow of chi energy. Laura specializes in combining deep tissue work, flowing Swedish strokes, and Light energy work. She also may thread in CranioSacral, Trigger Point Therapy, Shiatsu, and Myofascial techniques. Laura uses her intuition to adapt to the needs of each client, acting as a guide along the journey. The session can be deep or light pressure or somewhere in between, depending on your needs. Whether or not you feel energy, you will have an enhancing healing experience and may open up in new ways. You are in trusting hands regardless.

Laura understands that the body is a physical doorway to access the more subtle layers within us, which is why she combines the Lightwork with massage. By addressing other elements beyond the physical, there is an opportunity for deeper healing. As an empath, Laura can often feel the clients buried or stuck emotions as well as mental tension stored in the body. She helps to move or unroot these blockages to create more flow and space within the body, which brings more balance to the chakras (energy centers). When you address the deeper challenges underneath the surface, it softens the muscle tissue making it easier to massage and to release tension. Equally, when the client surrenders to the experience, lower vibrational energy has more opportunity to rise up, transmute, or release. By dissolving tension and stress in all layers of the body, you slowly move from density to Lightbody. 

Laura often includes dialogue/verbal channeling when it’s invited and when spirit allows. It depends on how actively you wish to participate, what will best serve your highest good, and how deeply you trust the experience. There will be plenty of space for silence, relaxation, and tuning inward to one’s own wisdom. 

Overall, you will release muscle tension, deeply relax, calm the mind, open the heart, and come into a space of clarity and presence. This is a full body massage and a full energetic upgrade in one, you will walk away renewed.


What is Lightbody/Lightworker?


“The Lightbody is a higher dimensional body of light which contains our Divine Image as a perfect being. It is also our Merkabah, your vehicle of Light for ascending to the higher dimensions. A Lightworker is a facilitator that has the awareness, focused ability and responsibility to act as a clear, grounded channel for the Light. Lightworkers feel an enormous pull towards helping others. These spiritual beings volunteer to act as a beacon for the Earth, and commit to serving humanity.” ~ Laura & What Is Lightbody by Tashira Tachi-ren


As a Lightworker, Laura connects with a 100% pure divine light energy source to guide her during the healing sessions. By inviting in the Light, she is able to work with a higher frequency that protects, purifies, and enhances the healing process. The channeled energy directs her and it is able to integrate into the massage experience allowing the Lightwork to be hands-on. Subtle work allows the chakras to come into more balance as we clear mental and emotional blockages which are often the root of physical pain. Light energy also penetrates down to a cellular level, giving you an energetic Lightbody activation or upgrade as lower vibrational energy clears out. 

Laura received, integrated, and practiced Lightbody work with her teacher Kent Ewing in Dana Point, CA for 3 years. In this time she learned to fully protect herself and clients, working with only a 100% pure divine light source. Light travels fast, therefore Lightbody work can be facilitated in many ways including hands-on in unison with physical bodywork.


What is a Metatron Color Therapist?


Laura also is a Certified Metatron Color Therapist, and graduated in 2022. This “leveled up” or matured her connection to the 100% pure light source frequency. Groomed by Archangel Micheal, Laura was attuned to Archangel Metatron’s energy field to explore a deeper mastery of the healing arts. Laura has always worked closely with the Archangels and saw them as a child. She uses Metatron Color Sprays, her channeling abilities, and meditations guided by the Light as tools to help enhance or clear energy and bring you back to remembrance of who you truly are. Metatron Color Therapy is Lightwork, they are the same frequency and are united. Facilitated primarily hands-on, the enhancing pure channeled energy represents the colorful spectrum of the Light. 

Laura works with the 12 major chakra system. Our chakras are energy centers that become blocked or overactive from mental stress and emotional trauma which can lead to physical distress and health ailments. By helping to heal and clear the imbalances, the chakras come into better alignment and the flow of chi energy increases. This gives space to upgrade your Lightbody, your higher dimensional body, or Merkabah. Laura has the humble honor and grounded experience to be a channel for this magnificent work. 

Regardless of training, Laura became aware of her connection to a pure light source at a very young age. It is one of her gifts to share with you. It is accessible to each of us if we slow down to listen and connect. This is “home,” source is our true, authentic Self. Laura’s work is designed to help you remember this natural state of being, but it is there waiting for YOU to unlock the remembrance at anytime. Developing this connection requires trust, practice, and an open heart. It is not far away, it’s right inside of you!


What is “The Light?”


The Light is unconditional love from a 100% pure divine source. That’s it. 

As a seasoned intuitive, Laura has the permission and clear channel to work with the angelic (Archangels), shamanic (elements, animals, ancestors) and galactic (star systems) realms, which includes Ascended Masters. Laura connects purely with unity consciousness and does not discriminate its form. She does not decide who shows up, that is guided by a higher source of both wisdom and protection and overseen by Archangel Metatron, Laura’s main guide. Metatron is a gatekeeper and works with the Akashic records, assuring that each session will be specifically designed for your highest good. Laura may or may not be informed who is assisting, for she is there to be a channel for the high light frequency which is enough. Therefore, it is easier to simply call the connection “the Light,” as all of these aspects are embodiments of a 100% pure divine light source. This allows the receiver to interpret the experience in the comfort of their own terminology. If this verbiage does not resonate, define Light in your own terms. How you connect is where we will meet, the sessions are guided by a higher will not personal will. 

Laura’s work is non-denominational. She sees all these pathways connecting with light source as colors of the same rainbow. Each color represents a creative expression of the wholeness and oneness of a 100% pure divine light source. After all, light is made up of wavelengths of light, and each wavelength is a particular color. Visualize a glass prism, when the white light passes through a rainbow of colors shine from the other side, this is light being distributed. Each session will have a unique color design for you, like a Mandala.

Honored to be a facilitator, Laura recognizes that each individual is his or her own best healer, she considers it a privilege to be of assistance.




Bachelor of Science in International Business, 2003

Certified Massage Therapist, 2007

Certified Yoga Teacher, Ashtanga/Vinyasa, 2010 & 2012

Certified Lightbody Work Practitioner, 2012

Certified Gendai Reiki Ho Practitioner, Levels 1 & 2, 2018

Certified Usui Reiki Master, Levels 1-3, 2019

Certified Archangel Metatron Color Therapist, Level 1, 2020

Certified Usui Shamanic Reiki Practitioner, Levels 1 & 2, 2021

Certified Archangel Metatron Color Therapist, Level 2, 2022

Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher, Functional Yoga, 2022


From Laura:


Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, center yourself, and tune into your heart. The answers and wisdom you seek are there…trust what you hear and reach out if you feel it is aligned for us to connect for clearing and guidance. 

“Over the years the clients have been my most informative teachers. It is an honor to be invited in as a facilitator to an intimate and sometimes vulnerable healing space during each session. The more the client and I are able to establish a connection of trust, the deeper we are able to work together. As a seasoned therapist, I specialize in going beyond the physical elements to allow the light energy to channel through and do the deeper, more subtle work. This allows for a more “whole body” or holistic experience addressing the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spirit bodies.”  ~Laura




Honor yourself with a therapeutic massage session in a peaceful, air-conditioned office just blocks off the beach. Laura’s private office is located in the heart of Playa Samara, across from the Natural Center on Calle Central. A minimum of a weeks notice is advised for booking appointments in busier months, but you can always check in up to a day in advance for a session. Please visit the contact page to book a session. Let’s take a journey!


*Note: The massage office is in a different location from yoga*


Healing Session Summary:


Intuitive Therapeutic Massage & Lightbody Healing Session:

The Physical

An intuitively connected full body therapeutic massage combining deep tissue therapy, Swedish strokes, and may include stretching, CranioSacral, Trigger Point Therapy and Shiatsu techniques.

The Mental/Emotional:

Throughout the massage experience, Laura goes beyond the physical to move mental and emotional blockages. As an empath, she is able to feel into more subtle bodies, releasing buried emotion, softening mental stress and reducing anxiety. This results in increased mental clarity and emotional balance. 

The Energetic:

As a Lightworker and Intuitive, Laura channels 100% pure light energy through her hands during the massage. Light travels to the cellular level, allowing for an energetic upgrade from source to your Lightbody. Includes Chakra Balancing and Color Therapy. Verbal channeling occurs with permission and deep trust.


Duration & Price:

2 hours and 30 min: $200  (out call $250, 2 client minimum)

Sessions include time for dialogue before session and grounding after session. We enter into the void, creating a different connection to time and space. This is your opportunity to step into deep healing, you are invited to carve out this time for self care. 


*All of the above summary is included in one session, how deeply we work with each aspect depends on the clients needs, no shorter sessions*

Please book your appointment through the “Book Now” page. 


*Cash preferred for all services, dollars or colones. Venmo payment accepted, no credit cards.

By appointment only, please note that Laura typically books out 1-2 weeks in advance. Visit the “Book Now” page to check availability, sometimes appointments open up unexpectedly. You can get on a wait list, just send us an email.

Please plan accordingly and honor the 48 hour cancelation policy.

Much gratitude, love and light.